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Talbott County Courthouse.jpgIn every case, and certainly every Maryland automobile accident case, the lawyer should consider what county the case should be filed in. In Maryland, you typically have the following options:

  1. File in the county where the car accident happened
  2. File in the county where the defendant lives

It is important, therefore, to be clear about where the accident happened, and where the negligent driver lives. Typically the police report, if one was listed, has both the county where the accident happened, and lists the negligent driver’s address. However, in situations where the accident was on or near a county line, the police report may not be correct. Also, some lawyers don’t realize that some cities actually straddle multiple counties. For example, an accident in Laurel, Maryland may take place in Prince George’s County, Howard County, or Anne Arundel County. Likewise, the address the police usually put on the police report may not be accurate–it may be from an old driver’s license or insurance card. Or, the person who caused the collision may move between the time the accident happened and the lawsuit was filed.

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