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Using Technology To Stop Distracted Driving

distracted driving accident attorney.jpgThough it is aimed primarily at parents of new drivers, many cell phone carriers and other services are offering technological solutions to distracted driving. The basic premise is that cell phones can be automatically deactivated, or some functions can be automatically deactivated, when the phones internal GPS system detects the device moving at a specified rate of speed.

Some of the programs automatically route incoming calls to voicemail, and send automatic replies to text messages. Most of the teenage programs can be set to send notifications to parents when the features are disabled

Some products, like FleetSafer, are designed for adults and also eliminate the ability to send and receive e-mails, and use internet browsers, while behind the wheel. T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T all have products that work on some of their phones.

Obviously, the phone doesn’t know if its owner is a driver or a passenger, and it would cut the phone off in all driving circumstances. But, if the parent knows the teen won’t be driving, in some cases the parent can deactivate the program. Or, the teen can deactivate the program (with notification to the parent).

For a list of distracted driving prevention products, see the EndDD (End Distracted Driving) website.

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