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Child auto injury lawsuit.jpgThe State of Maryland protects minors. In lawsuits, the State has established rules to help ensure that children (age 18 and under) who receive money, by settlement, have protection against misuse of those funds.

First, if the minor is receiving less than $5,000 (not including attorneys’ fees or costs), the check may be made out to the child’s legal guardian. Typically this will be written something like “Hester Prynne, mother and natural guardian of Pearl Prynne-Dimmesdale.” The parent may deposit the check in their bank account without any special arrangements, and may use the money as they see fit for the child’s benefit.

If the minor receives $5,000 or more (again, exclusive of attorneys’ fees and costs), the State has decided that special protections must be observed. There, the check would read like this: “Hester Prynne, trustee under Title 13 of the Estates and Trusts Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, for Pearl Prynne-Dimmesdale, minor.” The trustee is anyone who will be responsible for the money–there is no other court paperwork required to create a trustee. That check must be deposited into an account set aside for the child–it cannot be deposited into the parent’s or trustee’s account. The money must be held in the interest-bearing account until the child turns 18, at which point the child gets sole access to it.

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